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5492 Quarrow 70 Lumen Head Lamp

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The Quarrow® 70 Lumen Head Lamp is the ultimate in head lamps. It uses one high-power LED to output 70 lumens of intense white light. The Head Lamp also features 10 UV LEDs and 4 Green LEDs. Green LEDs are best used for map reading or signaling, especially in low light conditions. Also perfect for hunting as some game cannot see green light. The UV LEDs (410-415nm) can reveal materials that are not seen through normal lighting; they are also perfect for night fishing to charge glowing lures and gigs and to better illuminate a fluorescent fishing line. Soft foam padding is used for a comfortable non-slip surface against the forehead. Perfect for night fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, bike riding and much more.

Product Features

  • High-power 70 lumen LED
  • 10 UV LEDs: 2-3 milliwatts / 410-415 nanometers
  • 4 Green LEDs

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