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Midwest Workwear

Midwest Workwear is a Carhartt retail store located in Kaukauna, Wisconsin. As one of the area's trusted businesses, we pride ourselves with offering Carhartt products at the cheapest price possible. And now, we are bringing our Carhartt sales expertise and great pricing online.

Don Grissman

Don Grissman

My name is Don Grissman and I am the proud owner of Midwest Workwear. Since 2006, I have been working side by side with my son, Kevin, fullfilling the growing orders for workwear clothing. With my experience in retail, we established a business that could act as a source of clothing to any kind of blue collar worker.

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Kevin Grissman

Kevin Grissman

My name is Kevin Grissman and I am the manager of Midwest Workwear. Since 2006, I have been happily working with my dad while we watched our market grow exponentially every year. With my business background and Don's experience in retail, we have expanded to a sustainable size company. I am the FR clothing expert at Midwest Workwear and I would be happy to help you with any questions you have.









































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