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Carhartt Force Technology

Since spring of 2013, Carhartt products have been available with the Force technology. Carhartt first announced this technology in November of 2012 and it has since been found in a variety of products designed for use in hot, summer conditions.

What does it do?

Given that Carhartt clothing is worn in some of the planet's toughest conditions, it makes sense that they provide technology to manage the scorching heat and sun found in the toughest summers. Specifically, Carhartt's Force products are designed to use moisture wicking nanotechnology to wick sweat away and regulate temperature. Additionally, the products are designed to neutralize the sweat odor, providing a superior clothing experience.

Force Products

Spring 2013 Items

Carhartt's 2013 offerings included the first lineup of products containing the Force technology. At the forefront of this expansion was the 100410 Force Cotton T-Shirt. This product won the hearts and minds of many, including us.

But, the technology was not limited to a single shirt. It was included in a variety of other shirts of various styles:

  • 100234 Flame Resistant T-Shirt - This shirt combined the temperature managing Force technology with a flame resistant material, providing an optimal level of safety and comfort.
  • 100235 Long-Sleeve T-Shirt -Another flame resistant shirt brought long sleeves into the mix while keeping the same Force technology.

Spring 2014 Items

Carhartt Camouflage hat with chin strap and sweatband.

In their spring 2014 catalog, Carhartt expanded their Force selection to include the 101199 Hat, designed for outdoor use. This hat features a Carhartt Force sweatband that helps to wick moisture away, keeping you cool.

In addition to their hat, Carhartt added the 101121 Delmont Graphic T-Shirt to their Force lineup.