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My name is Don Grissman and I have owned and operated retail clothing businesses for 42 years. I started my first store at the age of 19 and have continued down the same successful path ever since.

In 2006, I started Midwest Workwear alongside my son Kevin. We were a mostly internet based retailer selling mainly Carhartt clothing. This was the beginning of the timeline of my most successful business. A year later, we added Bulwark flame resistant work wear and ever since we have added reflective work wear, hard hats, work gloves, protective eye wear. We have continued to add product lines and other product categories all aimed at the working person looking for quality products that are built to last at affordable prices and most importantly processed in a clean fashion. In that same year, we added the option of embroidery and screen printing giving companies the option of the total package the product delivered personalized with the company logo and name if preferred. This allowed everyone to add a personal touch to the clothing, which was great for clients looking for business apparel.

There are all sorts of companies selling the same products as we do; this law is apparent in all types retail. The experience that I have aquired throughout my many years of business has led me to believe that the quality of service is what will separate a company from the rest of the field. This customer focused mentality is what what Midwest Workwear will always prioritize. We have a staff of 12 to 14 people that are knowledgeable in the products we sell and are happily available for contact regarding questions. We also have a toll free phone number 888-923-9675 for any questions about the products or concerns a customer may have. Our motto is to treat the customer with the same respect we desire to be treated.

In more recent times, I have been awarded a few accolades in regards to the company's success. In March of this year, I was awarded the small business achievement award from the local chamber of commerce. I take pride in this award because it truly recognizes what kind of a business we are. Dedicated to customer satisfaction and willing to push the limits to offer you the best price with the best service. It will always be a great pleasure to do business with anyone interested in workwear clothing.



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